If you want a suitable coating and help balance on a sleeping surface, memory foam and pillow topcoats can be good choices. Both beds have a similar feeling, but a memory foam mattresses support structure typically differs from a pillow surface. Although high-density poly-foam is the supporting layer with a mattress of memory foam, mattresses with a pillow top typically have in-spring coils. The additional layer of padding sewn on top improves the comfort of the bed. The pillow tops are commonly used on conventional beds to alleviate the stiffness of the underlying coil layer and result in additional comfort. bestmattress-brand.org provides the most latest news about mattresses.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses correspond to the body’s weight, offering an equal weight distribution on the sleeping surface. Many sportspersons like memory foam as they are comfortable. Many hot sleepers consider it as an ideal mattress to sleep on.


  • Plant-Based

The mattress is more excellent by replacing a portion of oil with natural plant-based oils. The replacement of a synthetic element for something more natural improves the coolness of the bed.

  • Gel Based Memory Foam

The addition of gel beads to the memory foam increases the coolness of the mattress as they have a “phase-changing substance” or “PCM,” absorbing heat, helping the bed remain cool.


  • Back-and-joint pain management for those
  • Memory foam lasting drawbacks
  • The traditional spray will keep the heat
  • Some memory foam mattresses can emit off-gas odors – the pungent odor of chemical products of a new product.

Pillow Top

The most commonly used pillow tops are on intra-spring beds and perhaps airbeds. A mattress with a pillow top (or euro top) is usually known as a mattress with additional padding sewn in the top for a few pounds. This padding is made of traditional foam, memory foam, latex, cotton, wool, and fiberfill. Some shelters are built-in with the mattress (euro top), while others tend to be just upside down. In comparison, a non-pillow top mattress also only has minimal to moderate padding. It is one of the most used mattresses throughout the world as they are comforting.

Type of Pillow Tops

Pillow-top, known as the Euro Top, has a slight shift. The Euro-style was established and is more prevalent in Europe, as the name implies. Both are designed to alleviate pressure points as a comfort layer.

  • Regular Pillow Top

A standard pillow top is sewn on top of the mattress and gives extra padding with a noticeable gap above the comfort sheet.

  • Euro Pillow Top

The additional padding layer under cover of the mattress is sewn under a Euro-top so that it is flatter and uniform—there is no gap which leads to better edge support. Euro top layers are made of fiber or foam, thicker and thicker than a standard pillow top.

Pillow Top Benefits

  • The coil layer supports ventilation to make the mattress respiratory.
  • Quite cheaper
  • Fewer opportunities for off-gas
  • Pillow Top Drawbacks
  • Not as long-lived as other colors.
  • Can trigger sleep disturbances caused by movement transfer